Redeem the Police: Friend or Foe?

The Bad Apples are Spoiling the Bunch

The entire police force does not deserve to be demonised. It a commendable trait to wish to help and protect the weak & innocent & stop those who wish to harm others. The police need to feel safe to be able to carry out their jobs to be able to serve & protect us all.

Unfortunately, there are some people who become police officers for completely different reasons, and whose actions destroy trust in the entire police force. Nonetheless, it is necessary to admit that these particular individuals exist, and there are more than “just a few bad apples”

The best way to help the police is to redeem their reputation. If you root out the “bad cops”, then all police officers will not be simply categorised as either being racist or complicit in the face of obvious police brutality.

In the digital age, society can no longer so easily deny that there is a systematic problem within the police force as one repeatedly witnesses wrong-doing on social media.

Many police officers are inadequately trained and unable to deal with some very difficult situations. Some may act first and believe they will be exonerated later, which is often true. Consequently, many believe that the current system appears to give the police a “license to kill”.

Protest against police brutality helps to vent people’s frustration. However, it is in the interest for all concerned, if the issue regarding police accountability is resolved. Otherwise, anger out of helplessness will lead to chaos, if the judicial system is considered to be unjust and people no longer believe in the ability of the legal system to enact justice for all. No one should be seen to be above the Law.

This problem isn’t new and the solutions, such as more resources, better training, pay, & regulation are not unknown. Nevertheless, the necessary measures have not yet been implemented. The question is why?

English-German European, grateful mother & optimistic realist